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18. Получение трансгенных растений, устойчивых к гербицидамКурсовая
24-epibrassinolide ameliorates the adverse effect of salt stress (NaCl) on pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)Реферат
25 лет дендрарию АГУРеферат
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A dry-fracture technique for the optimum preparation of microsporidia-infected tissues for scanning electron microscopyРеферат
A new myxosporean species, Myxobolus eirasi sp. Nov. . And a known species M. venkateshi Seenappa and Manohar, 1981 from the indian major carp fish Cirrhina mrigala (Ham.)Реферат
A survey of the testate amoeba genus Difflugia Leclerc, 1815 based on specimens in the E. Penard and C. G. Ogden collections of the Natural History Museum, London. Part 2: species with shells that are pyriform or elongateРеферат
ABA biosynthesis defective mutants reduce some free amino acids accumulation under drought stress in tomato leaves in comparison with Arabidopsis plants tissuesРеферат
Abuali ibni Sino s mystical views in the treatise "Khay ibni Yakzan"Реферат
Accumulation of heavy metals in leaf litter of different tree species in urban areasРеферат
Activities of enzymes of carbohydrate and energy metabolism of the intracellular stages of the microsporidian, Nosema grylliРеферат
Adaptation of the obtained in vitr o Gentiana lutea L. plants to ex vitro and in sit u conditionsРеферат
Algae flora of typically-brown soil of Fergana ValleyРеферат
Allelic state and effects of Vrn genes on soft wheat in in vivo and in vitro systemsРеферат
Alleviation of seawater stress on tomato by foliar application of aspartic acid and glutathioneРеферат
Amelioration of fluoride toxicity with the Use of indigenous InputsРеферат
Analysis of piscicultural-biological results of works with Russian sturgeon brood fish at the sturgeon hatchery "Lebyazhy" (astrakhan region, Russia)Реферат
Antibacterial coumarins isolated from Launaea resedifoliaРеферат
Antioxidants of Belgorod State University Botanical Garden plants: Ribes aureum fruits anthocyaninsРеферат
Antioxidative responses and expression of insecticidal proteins in Bt cotton under high irradianceРеферат
Arthropods in trophic-cenosis structure of collared flycatcher consortium in conditions of forest ecosystems of North-Eastern UkraineРеферат
Ascorbate-glutathione protective system of maize plants under nickel ions actionРеферат
Big game hunting in Portugal: present and future perspectivesРеферат
Biochemical response of Glycine max (L.) Merr. To cobalt and lead stressРеферат
Bioinformatic approach to correction of negative emotional state in ratsРеферат
Biological features of species development of the genus Penstemon under conditions of right-bank steppe Dnieper River regionРеферат
Biomorphologische und Umwelt Arten der Gattung Marribium L., der Familie der Lamiaceae Lindl. , Weit verbreitet in der Flora der Autonomen Republik NachitsРеферат