Molecular responses of groundnut (Arachis hypogea L.) to Zinc stressРеферат
Morphological and biochemical responses of Aegiceras corniculatum L. to salinity stressРеферат
Morphology and biometry of Arcella intermedia (Deflandre, 1928) comb. Nov. . From Russia and a review of hemispheric species of the genus Arcella (Testcealobosea, Arcellinida)Реферат
Morphology, biometry and ecology of Arcella gibbosa Penard 1890 (Rhizopoda, Testacealobosea)Реферат
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes penetrate into plant cells and affect the growth of Onobrychis arenaria seedlingsРеферат
Mycoplasma contamination of cell cultures: vesicular traffic in bacteria and control over infectious agentsРеферат
New trends in nucleoside biotechnologyРеферат
On the moss flora of the Yugyd Va National Park (ma-lyi Patok River basin, Subpolar Urals)Реферат
Osmo and hydro priming improvement germination characteristics and enzyme activity of mountain rye (secale montanum) seeds under drought stressРеферат
Overexpression of mrps18-2 in cancer cell lines results in appearance of multinucleated cellsРеферат
Patterns of pedoturbation by tree uprooting in forest soilsРеферат
Peroxidase activity and isoforms in the leaves of apple tree varieties differing in scab resistanceРеферат
Phage display on the base of filamentous bacteriophages: application for recombinant antibodies selectionРеферат
Phlojodicarpus sibiricus (Steph. Ex Spregel) K.- pol. В Восточном ЗабайкальеРеферат
Photosynthetic Pygments Content and Growth of Microalga Plagioselmis prologa (Cryptophyta) Under Low SalinityРеферат
Plant Cell Protolytic Enzymes Activity under Exposure to Lectins of Endophytic and Epiphytic Azospirillum StrainsРеферат
Polygonum ramosissimum Michx. (polygonaceae Juss.) новый адвентивный вид в СибириРеферат
Pre-exposure to gamma rays alleviates the harmful effect of salinity on cowpea plantsРеферат
Prevalence of myxidium rhodei (Cnidaria, Myxosporea) in the Lake Baikal basinРеферат
Prooxidant and antioxidant balance in the blood of Ukrainian Warmblood horses during the exercisesРеферат
Protection Against Fusarium Head Blight: Important Defense Mechanisms Studied in Three Regenerated Egyptian Wheat CultivarsРеферат
Some aspects of the structure of the complex pathogenic species of Polyporus fungi (polyporaceaes. L.) associated with English oak (Quercus robur l.) in oaРеферат
The Composition of Fatty Acids of Pinus sylvestris L. of Olkha Village Surrounding ForestsРеферат
The Effects of storage on germination characteristics and enzyme activity of sorghum seedsРеферат
The evolutionРеферат
The hypothesis of specific affinity of metabolic pathways inherent to onset of hibernation and reaction to critical stress stimuliРеферат
The influence of motor and somatic factors on jumping parameters in female volleyball playersРеферат
V Всероссийская конференция с международным участием «Горные экосистемы и их компоненты», посвященная 20-летию Института экологии горных территорий им. А. Реферат
Vectors for moleculars cloningКурсовая
[Pin+]-независимая агрегация химерного белка Sup35SP в дрожжах Saccharomyces cerevisiaeРеферат