"Green" nanotechnologies: synthesis of metal nanoparticles using plantsРеферат
"Золотое сечение" и процесс измерения в физикеСтатья
(Ti, Al)- композиционные материалы, полученные прессованием с последующим спеканием на воздухе. Структура и свойстваРеферат
13-й Международный конгресс Всемирной ассоциации психического здоровья младенцев и детей раннего возраста (waimh)Реферат
3D structure modeling of alpha-amino acid ester hydrolase from Xanthomonas rubrilineansРеферат
75 лет профессору Алексею Васильевичу волковуРеферат
A Novel Wideband Circular Ring DGS Antenna Design for Wireless CommunicationsРеферат
A problem with the unilateral constraints in the theory of bending of foot prosthesisРеферат
A quantitative model for quantum transport in nano-transistorsРеферат
A static generalization of the Schwarzschild solution, that gives not asymptotically dipole termРеферат
A study of the Riemann curvature tensor and Petrov classification in general relativityРеферат
Ab initio розрахунки динаміки гратки сегнетоелектриків Sn2P2S6Дипломная
Actual situation and measures for children pronunciation practice for 5-6 years old children who are low at language development at kindergarten through playРеферат
Adaptive modulation in LTE technology by using OFDMA and SC-FDMA with MIMOРеферат
Adsorption capacity of water-oxidized lanthanum-doped aluminum alloy powderРеферат
Advanced numerical modelling of geogrid-reinforced rockfall protection embankmentsРеферат
Algorithm for Computing wave functions, reflection and transmission matrices of the multichannel scattering problem in the adiabatic representation using the finite element methodРеферат
Alternative theoretical approach of the exact ferromagnetic resonance frequency for common sample shapes by considering the phenomenological damping parameter - a tribute to C. Kittel and T. L. GilbertРеферат
An improved fuzzy identification method based on Box-Cox data transformationРеферат
An influence of the solvents'-'-Physical?chemical properties on the process of fuels swellingРеферат
Analysis of calculation pressing force of raw cotton to the surface of dielectric drum separatorsРеферат
Application of Green’s function approach to electronic structure of carbon nanocylindersРеферат
Application of remote sensing to extract flood areas using envisat asar dataРеферат
Behaviors of bulk metallic glass under shock loadingРеферат
Biocompatible water-soluble endometallofullerenes: peculiarities of self-assembly in aqueous solutions and ordering under an applied magnetic fieldРеферат
Boron-doped anatase: electronic band structure, boron atom locations and magnetic StateРеферат
Calculating wavelength of a laser through a diffraction patternЛабораторная работа
Calculation method of electric power lines magnetic field strength based on cylindrical spatial harmonicsРеферат
Calculations of bond energy in cluster aqueous nanostructuresРеферат
Catalytic activity of titania-supported manganese oxide catalyst in ozone decompositionРеферат