The language style of "Pride and Prejudice"by Jane Austen

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Chapter I. Jane Austen in the search of her narrative style

1.1. Jane Austen’s literary evolution

1.2. Jane Austen and feminism development in fiction

1.3. Jane Austen’s cultural and religious background

1.4. «Pride and Prejudice»: unity of composition

Chapter II. «Pride and Prejudice»: Analysis of stylistic devices used by Jane Austen

2.1. Lexical devices

2.1.1. Use of metaphor

2.1.2. Use of metonymy

2.1.3. Use of epithet

2.1.4. Use of hyperbole

2.1.5. Use of antithesis

2.1.6. Use of similes

2.1.7. Use of idioms

2.2. Syntactical devices

2.2.1. Use of direct speech

2.2.2. Use of uttered reported speech

2.2.3. Use of unuttered reported speech

2.2.4. Use of gap-sentence links

2.2.4. Use of rhetorical questions



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