Бедность как отрицательное последствие глобализации

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Table of contents

Table of contents


Definition of globalization

Definition of the word «POVERTY»

Globalization and poverty facts and stats

Poverty in Industrialized Countries

International inequality as a negative consequence of globalization

Poverty is down

How do developing nations contend with poverty


The list of literature

Appendix № 1

Appendix № 2

Список литературы

The list of literature

1. Challenges and risks of globalization. Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator// Financial Times. March 24th 2007 year. (Electronic version)

2. «Widening Gap Between Rich and Poor», China’s Report on US Human Rights Record in 2000, reposted at University of Dayton, School of Law (http: //academic. udayton. edu/race/06hrights/GeoRegions/North)

3. «For richer, for fairer. Poverty reduction and income distribution», ID21 Insights Issue #31, September 1999 (http: //www. id21. org/insights/insights31/index. html)

4. www. unicef. org/sowc05/english/index. html

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11. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Income_disparity

12. www. vlc. ru/congress/en/information/plen_catalinich. htm

13. www. sociology. emory. edu/globalization/issues01. html

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