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Chapter I Architectural Museums

Buckingham Palace…5

Tower of London…6

Hampton Court…9

St. Paul Cathedral… 10

St. James Palace… 13

Westminster Abbey… 14

House of Parliament… 16

Big Ben… 21

Chapter II. Museums of Arts

National Gallery… 22

Imperial Museum… 25

Museum of London…26

Victoria and Albert Museum… 27

The British Museum… 28

The London Palace of The Duke of Wellington…30

Bank of England Museum… 31

Chapter III. Entertainment Museums

Madame’s Tussaud…32

London Planetarium… 33

London Transport Museum…34

Chapter IV. Scientific and Natural Museums

Natural History Museum… 35

Science Museum… 37

Chapter V. Museums in honour of famous people

Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Walls…39

Jewish Museum… 41

Dickens' Museum…43

Freud Museum… …45

Dr. Johnson House… 47


List of used literature…50

Список литературы

List of used literature

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2. The National Gallery Companion Guide. New Revised Edition, London, 1994

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6. Sarah Johnstone, Tom Masters, Martin Hughes Lonely Planet London, London, 2004

Ресурсы информационной сети Internet

7. Historic London // http: //www. londontourist. org/historic. html

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9. National Gallery of London // http: //www. nationgallery. org. uk/

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12. London Transport Museum // http: //www. ltmuseum. co. uk/collections/collections/vehicles. shtml

13. Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms http: //www. aboutbritain. com/ChurchillMuseumAndCabinetWarRooms. htm

14. The British Museum // http: //www. thebritishmuseum. ac. uk

15. Freud Museum // http: //www. freud. org. uk

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