Apple (Individual Written Case Analysis)

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Statis quo bias, as it`s easy to guess, stands for tendency to maintain status quo.
The ecosystem can be broadly divided into four main categories that include users as the main consumers and content providers as primary content-generators. At the secondary level the ecosystem is covering business organizations and it is a critical level of this ecosystem. It is widely supported all other producers and consumers by promoting and disseminating a variety of products.
At the tertiary level, the ecosystem, the available resources are used to the full features of Itunes. Features include music, videos, App Store, TV, Pod cast and gift cards. Beside well-known opportunities, Itunes offers also catalogs and music store search engine where the users can choosd the songs and download them for a cheap price, ranging from $ 0. 99 to $ 9. 99. Depending on the demand cycle, specific album or artist cost options are adjusted for the market.

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