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Contents Page

Glossary …3

I. Introduction …4

II. Evolution of the System …4

III. Capitalization …9

IV. Credit and the Intermediation of Savings … 12

V. Profitability and Efficiency … 14

VI. Benefits of Public Involvement … 18

VII. Governance … 21

References … 23


1. Banking Sector Structure … 25

2. Banking Performance Indicators in Selected Countries … 26


1. Balance Sheets of German Banks … 27

2. Liabilities of German Banks … 28

3. Financial Soundness Indicators by Cross-Country … 29

4. Financial Soundness Indicators by Type of Banks … 30

5. Bank Performance Indicators … 31

6. Public Sector Costs of Landesbanken … 32


I. Overview of Landesbanken … 6

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