Democratic development and processes of social and political modernization in Uzbekistan

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Section 6. Political science
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Sagdullayeva Dilbar Shuhratovna, PhD and associate professor, The Department of & quot-Humanitarian disciplines& quot-, Tashkent University of Information Technologies,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan E-mail: naumenko06@mail. ru
Democratic development and processes of social and political modernization in Uzbekistan
Abstract: This article explores the matters of democracy updates and socio-political modernization, as well as features and founding in modern Uzbekistan.
Keywords: democratization, political modernization, technology, reforms.
Today, the Republic of Uzbekistan is building a democratic state of law that ensures the rights and freedoms of the individual, the spiritual renewal of society, integration into the world community. The objective conditions for the formation of a society and civil development of our country taking into account changes in geopolitics-cal and geostrategic position in the world required new approaches and theoretical comprehension in understanding the nature and scope of political reforms aimed at protecting nationwide interests and values, priorities of the individual and of a society, their rights and freedoms.
It is therefore particularly relevant and meaningful for all of us is to comprehend the essence and the expected of political processes in Uzbekistan. The relevance of the problems under discussion is explained by the fact that the reform of all aspects of social life in Uzbekistan aims to reveal all the inherent potency of individuals and society in our country.
What are the features and bases the upgrading processes in the modern Uzbek society?
Independent Uzbekistan renewal and modernization of the Uzbek society needed for reproduction system of social and political justice, for free self-awareness Uzbeks, in order to create the appropriate public-political conditions for building the society of the long-term strategic goals of our people.
Forms of social organization require continuous improvement in accordance with the needs of the time, but this is not
tantamount to replacing their mechanical alien structures that still does not take root, and will be rejected. Every nation in their own development itself comes to them.
Analysis ofthe political processes of renewal of society leads to the conclusion that the reforms undertaken and the results give us reason to deeply comprehend the nature of democratization and modernizations of our society, its theory and practice, to bring the original result of successive transformations that have occurred in Uzbekistan, as a new independent state.
If you do an attempt to this comprehension then any social changes associated with an increase in the level and quality of life is an innovative processes occurring under the influence of targeted measures to create new social structures, institutions and forms of social interaction. That the social changes and processes occurring in the modern Uzbek society in its content is innovative an axiom.
Analysis of the functional content of targeted reforms implemented in Uzbekistan in the framework of public policy at both the national level and at the level of individual areas of society can be attributed to a class of innovative social technologies to bring about real changes in the Uzbek society.
Feature of social technologies is that this concept is applicable to both society at large and to specific social institutions. In the most common form of social technologies represents a way to organize and streamline desirable practices, a set
Democratic development and processes of social and political modernization in Uzbekistan
of techniques aimed at identifying or transformation (change of state) social object, achieving the desired result.
In general, social technologies available in two forms: as a structural element of any system is technologically designed software product and as the activities associated with the implementation of the target. Consequently, the social technology — is a certain way of the achievement of public interest objectives defined by the program predetermine the direction and content of the activity-based and using best practices, including scientific, specific to the area in which the activity.
If we tried to outline the conceptual framework of the updating, the first step would be the development and implementation of an integrated national program of — Uzbek model of development, the main purpose of which was the withdrawal of Uzbekistan to a new level of development.
Uzbek model of development-is a social technology of high order and enforced in society at large, technologically modern program of activities related to the implementation of the goal, the main characteristic ofwhich is the transformation of society in the system consistent, evolutionary way. Using social technology and implementing such a high order, Uzbekistan builds a democratic rule of law and open civil society to ensure that the rights and freedoms of the individual, the spiritual renewal of society, formation of socially oriented market economy and integration into the world community.
Development and implementation of the socio-political high level of technology required a very high political and technological culture, that is, the application of the principles of integrated not only to the analysis of Uzbek society but also to actively its arrangement in accordance with the strategic goals of development.
From the point of view of the theory of modernization purpose of political development is the formation of a new type of interaction between government and society, creating social and political mechanisms that allow most of the population to influence major decisions.
Political modernization is a complex, lengthy process of democratization of society, the formation of a new type of interaction between society and government. Despite the fact that political modernization can be different ways and through different mechanisms, however, there are its universal components, which are characterized by the creation of differentiated political structure high specialization of political roles and institutions, the expansion of the scope, strengthening the role of the law linking the state and citizens, extension of involvement in the political life of social groups and individuals, etc.
If we analyze a set of features that accompany modernization, with respect to various aspects of society, in the political sphere, especially modernization characterized by the growth of political activity, due to the intensification of the power potential of the central, legislative, executive, political institutions, the continuous diffusion of political power towards a wider population, the recognition of the government’s responsibility to its citizens, who are the ultimate bearers of political power.
If we define social technology as an innovation that is based on a critical analysis existing experience and streamline the activities of people, increases the efficiency of the socio-political processes that contribute to the formation and development of new organizational structures and in the political sphere, we see that the ongoing in recent years, modernization of the political system of our society is completely justified developed socio-political technology.
Firstly, the purpose of political modernization in Uzbekistan is a radical reform of the political system and the establishment of a democratic state level, satisfying the requirements the new political realities of our time. As we can see, there are set parameters of the political status of the object to be achieved as a result technological activities.
Secondly, the sign of any socio-political technology is the distinction, the separation, the dismemberment of the given process internally connected among themselves stages, phases, operations. The presence of this feature in the political modernization carried constitutional reforms in Uzbekistan, where the first step is the creation of a bicameral parliament, as element of the political system, and the next step — strengthening the role of political parties is an axiom.
In the course parliamentary reform in Uzbekistan has been a marked strengthening of the role and influence of the supreme legislative authorities, which is given parameter state of the political system of Uzbekistan, which provides for the first stage of constitutional reform. Initiated by the President of the Republic and adopted a new Constitutional Law has become another milestone in the evolution of the Uzbek political system after converting the Oliy Majlis of the bicameral parliament.
Thirdly, a further feature is the coordination and phasing of political reforms that are available in the modernization of the political system aimed at achieving the desired result. For a new constitutional reform in Uzbekistan creates regulatory and legal prerequisites organizational and legal conditions for the most active and broad participation of all political forces in the formation of authorities and decision confronting society specific tasks in the economic, political, cultural and humanitarian spheres.
In such a way modernization of the political system — is an innovative, recently introduced real socio-political technology of direct action with the given parameters, the purpose of which is a radical qualitative reform of the political sphere and the establishment of a democratic political system level of the state, completely meeting the criteria for democracy.
On the other hand, it is a political technology of formation of the political class in the political structure of the Uzbek society, developed on the basis of an analysis of national experiences on the basis of world achievements in political thought.
The given technology provides for the formation of a new generation of subjects political activities with high political and legal culture, creative and socio-political activity, the ability to orient itself in public and political life capable formulate and solve problems in the future.
Section 6. Political science
In this sense, it is, on the one hand, acts as a structural element of social technology of higher order — Uzbek model of development, the main characteristic of which is the systematic transformation of society in an evolutionary way and consistently. For procedural aspect of the Uzbek model of development as a new type of social technology involves the skillful and flexible impact on the trends taking place in the political sphere of the Uzbek society.
On the other hand, it is providing the technology ideology of formation of national independence. For as rationally based system of ideas, the formation ofthis ideology serves as a special type of social technology which is the consolidation ofall social and political forces to achieve a new level of development of society. This level of development of the social system is defined by finite values of social development, which serves as the ideal target socio- economic ideal — Uzbekistan with a great future.
Socio-economic ideal of national independence ideology is seen as a unity of ideals, goals and ideals of funds. And the ideals of-funds are ways of achieving the ultimate goals of social development. Modernization of the political system and its new phase to strengthen the role of political parties in the renewal of all sides of social life is one of the main way of achieving the ultimate goals, differing in their social orientation, orientation at improving living standards of the population of Uzbekistan.
The course which was chosen by Uzbekistan is the country’s course, which is gaining since independence, constantly taking consistent measures, thus demonstrating that the international
community and its people’s commitment to democratic values.
At the present time, the technological approach to politics due to the democratic process, rotation of political elites and their political competition.
Therefore party functionaries and intellectuals, politicians, and all members of forming political class must be Uzbekistan acquire knowledge and skills to construct the design of the political situation, make recommendations for practical work in the field of political technologies. And mastering the skills of political engineering will give the opportunity to participate in the political process on the basis of goal-setting, rationalization and operationalization of controlled political events and results.
Uzbekistan is an active process of restructuring of the pyramid of power: the power to make responsible for the disposal of public affairs is a modern way of organizing power, the actual mechanism of its democratization and accountability society authentic self controlling. It is here that we see the creative foundation of the whole structure of the new Uzbek statehood, which took legal development vector This implementation of the Uzbek model of democratization, which consistently turns in Uzbekistan powerful, democratic and prosperous state.
Uzbekistan today showed the world that we have created and implemented a holistic program of renovation and modernization applied to the contemporary needs of society in an increasingly globalized. This is a political and legal prerequisites breakthrough into the future.
Eminov Ruslan Dilyaverovich, the postgraduate student of Vernadsky Tauridian University, department of political science and international relation.
Email: geyms3bond@rambler. ru
The factor of APR in system of geopolitical interests and goals of European Union
Abstract: In article has been analyzed and identified the most complicated part of topic about UE’s partnership with the counterpart in Asia Pacific region. The particular attention was paid to the problematic aspects of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in economic, political and security fields between two sides. By author has been specified the most relevant and valid prospects of EU’s running in order to strength the European role in APR.
Keywords: geopolitical interests, integration into the APR space, ASEM, ASEAN.
Эминов Руслан Диляверович, Таврический Национальный Университет им. Вернадского, аспирант Кафедры политических наук и международных отношений
E-mail: geyms3bond@rambler. ru
Фактор зоны АТР в системе геополитических интересов и задач Евросоюза
Аннотация: В статье были проанализированы и определены наиболее сложные и противоречивые аспекты темы сотрудничество ЕС со странами АТР. Особое внимание было уделено проблемам сотрудничество

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