Development ionits for peelings of the sewage and study their characteristic

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Development ionits for peelings of the sewage and study their characteristic

4. Холиков А. Ж., Акбаров Х. И., Тиллаев Р. С. Солевая коррозия стали и ее защита ингибиторами полимерного типа//Химия и химическая технология. — Ташкент, 2007. — № 2. — С. 41−43.

5. Холиков А. Ж., Акбаров Х. И., Тиллаев Р. С. «Электрохимические свойства ингибиторов на основе кальций полиметафосфатов и водорастворимых ПАВ"//УзМУ Хабарлари. — Ташкент, 2005, — № 4. — С. 12−15.

Panjiev Ulugbek Rustamovich, Assistant of a Karshi engineering-economic institute E-mail: bjd1962@mail. ru Nigmatov Islamjan, Professor of department & quot-Life protection& quot- TаshSTU Karabaeva Zumrat Tairovna, Cenor-assistant of a department & quot-Ecology"- TashSTU AbdurakhmanovaSurayo Pulatovna, Cenor-assistant of a department «RNGM& quot- TashSTU Tashkent State Technical University, Republic of Uzbekistan

Development ionits for peelings of the sewage and study their characteristic

Abstract: Questions of the syntheses and studies characteristic polyphunctional ionits are considered in article for peelings of the industrial sewages on base local raw materials resource. On base kinetic and dilatometrics of the studies of the process copolymerization monomer quaternary phosphonium to salts with divinilbenzol and methylmetacrylate revealed main regularities and mechanisms to reactions. It is revealed that polymers of the spatial structure with regular interleaving of the chemical nodes manages to synthesize in that event only, when relative activities main mono- and divinils of the join in reaction copolymerization have close importance’s. It is shown that synthesized ionits effectively sorption the ion bivalent metal, and can applying as for peelings of the sewages and extractions ion valuable metal.

Keywords: ionit, sorption, sewage, clear, extraction ion metal, industry, water need, water cleaner, kinetics, velocity, monomer, copolymerization.

At present clearing the industrial sewages, desalinization salted water, clearing the food-stuffs, reception of many amino acid squirrel, antibiotic and many other processes impossible without use ioning changing material. In relationship, with than to he is presented raised requirements. Big attention is also spared improvement their applied characteristic, increasing selecting, thermal and chemical stability and mechanical toughness.

The known [1] that syntheses maj ority ioning changing material is realized basically by chemical conversion polymer and copolymers, but this method differs the

more standing and difficulty of the undertaking the process, often accompanied side reaction. Besides, final products possess low chemical, thermal stability, selecting and etc. Specified above defect limit the spheres of the using ioning changed in practice.

Searching for of the most simple methods of the syntheses ionits is In this aspect actual with good physic-chemical, thermal characteristic, sorption by ability to ion

such metal, as copper, cobalt, nickel, uranus and others so was of interest study sorption characteristic of the products, got at copolymerization para-tris-phosphatal-lyltriphenilphosphoniybromid (p-tph-АТРНРНВ) with divinilbenzol (DVB) and methylmetacrylat (MMA).

Copolymerization p-tph-АТРНРНВ with DVB and MMA conducted in soft condition, at the temperature 60 оС, in ambience dioxan. Leaving the product of a copolymerization forms the order 85−89%. The synthesized copolymerization p-tph-АТPHPHB with DVB and MMA hithemolecularing products after processing 5% by water solution alkali for translation in OH-form present itself ioning changed resins, possessing high fraudulent capacity and complex valuable characteristic.

The explored selecting characteristic synthesized ionits on base p-tph-АТPHPHB with DVB and MM to bivalent ion in water solution of the nitric acid. The Preliminary experience on sorption’s ability ionits was installed in statistical condition to bivalent ion metal in 0,8n nitric acid


Section 8. Chemistry

and have a relationship to bivalent ion uranil, nickel, cobalt, cuprum, lead, herewith in all events uranil sorption noticeably strongly other ion. Experimental is installed that, either as in the event of [2], sorption bivalent ion sharply falls with increase the concentrations of the acid in source solution. The row selecting bivalent ion for synthesized ionits is of the form of:

p-tph-ATPHPHB: DVB — UO 2+ Cu 2+ Ni 2+ Pb 2+ Co 2+ p-tph-ATPHPHB: MM — UO 2+ Co 2+ Pb 2+ Cu 2+ Ni 2+ As it is seen, ionits possess brightly expressed by relationship to ion uranil, which explain that that ions UO 2+ sorption to account of the formation firm complex as

a result of interactions undivizion pairs electron phosphors oxygen with sorptionings ion metal.

For qualitative estimation of the kinetics to sorption’s uranil-ion synthesized ionits defined the factors to internal diffusion sorption ion different structure. The preliminary experience was installed that diffusion inwardly granules of the sorbent is limiting.

Got ioning changed resins were subjected to physic-chemical and mechanical test. For estimation of efficiency synthesized us ionits on base p-tph-ATPHPHB with DVB and MMA its sorption characteristic compared to similar characteristic other ionits (tabl. 1).

The some of the physic-chemical properties of a ionits

Ionit on base Out- put,% Contents Br on 0,1 AgN03 Bulk weight, g/Ма Specific volume distend ionit in OH-form, ml/g SOE (mg-ekv/gl) Mehan-ics stability^
Cu from solution (5 r/l) CuSO4 Co from solution (5 r/l) CoSO4 Ni from solution (5 r/l) NiSO4
p-tph- ATPHPHB +DVB 94,2 9,4 0,19 2,12 4,0 3,5 2,8 94,0
p-tph- ATPHPHB +ММА 95,0 8,9 0,22 2,3 4,4 3,5 3,4 96,0
AV-17 92,0 11,4 0,18 2,0 1,8 2,0 2,0 92,0
AV-18 82,0 13,4 0,17 1,8 1,6 — - 92,5

As can be seen from table 1, synthesized ionits possess more high sorption characteristic, than ionits — AV-17 and AV-18. The enormous interest present the studies of the kinetics to sorption’s cuprum, nickel, cobalt, synthesized ionits on base p-tph-ATPHPHB: DVB and p-tph-ATPHPHB: MMA from 0,1n sulphurs solution these metal. What have shown the called on studies, the most sorptioning possesses the ion honeys. Synthesized ionits well sorption the ions connecting metal and can find using at sorption’s ion metal from solution. The explored ions are on degree of the sorption’s ionits possible to dispose in the following row: Cu 2+ Co 2+ Ni 2+. The known [3] that resins, combining functional phosphate- and carboxyl of the group, have a relationship to ion cuprum. This, see, is explained high sorption ability ionits to ion cuprum.

Explored thermal and mechanical stability synthesized ioning changed resins. Chemical stability has defined on change the fraudulent capacity, relative loss to mechanical toughness and distend after processing 5n solution NaOH, H2SO4, SOE several increased, but in the event of 5n NaOH decreases. This possible explain the dissolution being kept in ionits ligtmolecularing to factions and partial distend and dissolution ionits. Con-

sequently, ionits — an asid stability.

At copolymerization p-tph-ATPHPHB and DVB in whiteness of arctic solvents constant porosity appears under more strong diluting and high density of the transverse relationships only. At correlation monomer Fm =0,33 and in whiteness of 27% DVB are formed opaque copolymers with spongy structure, well absorbing siclo-gexan and geptan.

The results of these studies show that accompaniment of the arctic solvents can bring about formation copolymers with «prefix porous». Under small contents of the inert component and wild in source mixture are formed products only with hidden time, which from standard copolymers differ only more high degree distend. Usually on their base it manages to get the different types an ionits. Copolymers with true porosity appear under high contents DVB only. They practically unfit for polymerical of the conversions. So their use as sorbent and stationary phase in chromatography’s [4].

The studied dependency appearing density or porosity from amount quaternary to salts under different concentration DVB and condenses wild in whiteness of different concentration monomers to salts. The


Microcalorimetric study of water vapor adsorption in BaY zeolite

leading indexes got copolymers in dry condition are a specific surface and value of the times. The comparative studies have shown that porosity macromolecule, got in whiteness of n-butyl alcohol, above, than beside copolymers, synthesized with the same amount monomers to salts. It is found that true porosity increases, as from determined concentrations precipitate and DVB. Usually she does not correspond to in all intervals to volume added inert material. Porosity with increase amount precipitate and wild increases. Thereby, at copolymerisation p-tph-АТPHPHB with DVB in whitness of arctic solvents and precipitate with the following removing them with structures of the ready product manages to get macromolecules with high specific surface, but in the event of have eaten-p-tph-АТPHPHB — a greater times. The differential curves of the sharing the times also show that in whitness of 50 ob.% izo-octane and 20 mass.% DVB are formed copolymers with average diameter of the times and relatively broad distribution. When use as inert component 15,25 mass.% have eaten-p-tph-

АТPHPHB and 10 mass.% DVB appear the large times with more narrow distribution.

Existence of the opened times in the first group copolymers is proved by measurements to diffusions of the solvent, inert gas and by means of mercury porometring [5]. The locked times in polymer manages to install only by reductions to density their transverse relationships, since research outside internal surface impossible.

At fabrication macro porous copolymers of the change to their structure and arising the times possible to define visual on transparencies macromolecules. Usually, the clouding increases with increase the size of the times and differences between factor of the refraction polymeric material and ambiences, filling times.

Thereby, us on base called on experimental study are shown possibility of the syntheses and regulations characteristic new ionits for peelings of the industrial sewages and extractions ion valuable metal. The Practical application of the development can will solve many technological, economic and ecological problems of the sector of the economy of our republic.


1. Ergojin E. E. Vysokopronicaemye ionits. — ALMA-ATA.: NAU^., 1979. — S. 304.

2. Martin R. B. The Chemistry ioning changed by smol. — M.: Himiya. 1989. — S. 289.

3. Grigoriev G. A., Fedotova O. YA. The practical work on chemistries of a polymers. — M.: Chemistry. 2013. — S. 260.

4. Kuzin I. A. Ionits and disposits rare metallov. — M.: Nedra, 2010. — S. 325.

5. Kazinycina A. G. The Reagents for hramotografii. — M.: Himiya, 2002, — S. 196.

Rakhmatkarieva Feruza, PhD, Researcher of Institute of general and inorganic chemistry

of Uzbekistan Academy of sciences Rakhmatkariev Gairat, Dr in chemistry, Prof., Head of Laboratory of Elemental analysis of Institute of general and inorganic chemistry of Uzbekistan Academy of sciences-

E-mail: vip. gairat@gmail. com Guro Vitaly Pavlovich,

Dr in chemistry, Head of Laboratory of Non-ferrous metals of Institute of general and inorganic chemistry of Uzbekistan Academy of sciences

Microcalorimetric study of water vapor adsorption in BaY zeolite

Abstract: Differential heats and isotherm of water vapor adsorption in a zeolite BaY have been measured by Tian-Calvet-type microcalorimeter and volumetric system at 303 K. Based on the data obtained, the mechanism of H2O/Ba 2+ clusters formation and their migration from hexagonal prisms and sodalite cages into supercages is revealed. The adsorption isotherm is quantitatively reproduced by VOM theory equations.

Keywords: zeolite BaY, isotherm of adsorption, water vapor, differential heats

Introduction. Distribution and coordination of ject of numerous studies. Most of them were analyzed the various cations in the fauj asite structure was the sub- by Mortier [1]. Since information on the distribution of


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