Production of compositions on base of polyvinylchloride

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Production of compositions on base of polyvinylchloride

Section 6. Technical sciences

Abdullayeva Maya Yadiqar, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Candidate of Chemical Siences, dosent, chemical -technology faculty

E-mail: mayaabdullayeva@hotmail. com Shikaliyev Kerem Seyfi, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Professor, Doktor of chemical science, chemical -technology faculty

Salimova Nigar Azizaqa, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Professor, Doktor of Techenical Science, chemical -technology faculty

Musayeva Adila Yusif, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Candidate of Chemical Siences, dosent, chemical -technology faculty

Qurbanova Zumrud Ramazan, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Candidate of Chemical Siences, dosent, chemical -technology faculty

Production of compositions on base of polyvinylchloride

Abstract: Plasticization of polyvinyl based composition by butadien — nitril rubber have been investigated and in composition of the mixture plasticizer, stabilizer and filler have been added.

The morphology of polyvinyichloride based composition have been researched and from received results it is evident that decrease ofmixture temperature leads to increase ofpolymers polarity and it is in one’s turn provent a homogenization of mixture. For receiving of the homogen sistem correlation of components in PVC+CKH-40 mixture must be 4:1.

Keywords: Natural polimer, polyvinylchloride, rate ofslip, butadiene-nitrile rubber, composition, filler, plasticizer, fluidity index of polymer alloy, physical-chemical properties, effective viscosity.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is one of the very widely using polymer on an industrial scale.

It can be say that PVC afterwards polystirol by its field use takes second plase. PVC is using in different field of industry.

One more base direction in processing of plastic is constraction field. Among polymers, used in this field PVC takes important place. PVC, used for processing being multi component system, consolidates in one'-s mind plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers, pigments, modifications and technological additives.

In result addition in composition of PVC plasticizer substances, it'-s physical-chemical properties are improving and it'-s possible to use it for products, answering to requirements. The aim of addition of plasticizer substances in composition of PVC is lowering of glass transition temperature [1−8].

On a level with that plasticizers improve the technological properties of PVC composition and leed the flow point to corresponding technological rejim. Depending on nature and amount of plasticizer, the rheological properties of PVC composition change to a considerable extent.

In previous investigation by authors have been studies influence of plasticizers by different nature and chemical composition on PVC composition [9−10].

Taking into consideration a wide field application of PVC, production of composition on base of this polymer is of the utmost interest.

The aim of presented work is preparation of more cheap and more qualitative construction materials containing composition systems and application of them on industrial scale.

By aim of plasticization of PVC on the whole butadiene-nitrile rubber (SKH-40) and natural polumers


Section 6. Technical sciences

have been used. Composition of compositions on base of PVC have been presented in table 1.

Pressures, forming under influence of different load being 6,25kq- 9,10kq- 11,75kq- 15,35kq on composition mixtures in cylinder of device IIRT-3 ARE calculated by the following formula:

P = ~^Г



here: G — is load, influencing on sample- kq DS — diametr of IIRT-3 cylinder, mm.

IV — P4 =21, 487 kq/sm 2 20

Q3 =-----7,144 -10−1 = 3,9145 = 39,145 -10−4

3 3,65


Q5 =------7,144 -10−1 = 2,1847 = 21,847 -10−4

5 6,54


Q6 = 7,144−10−1 = 5,3917 = 53,917−106 2,65

On base of conducted research dependence of volumen consumption of composition mixture from amount of butadiene-nitrile rubler have been studied (illustration 1) and, it have been determined that by increase of rubber amount in mixture, volume consumption of mixture increase. This fact in result plasticization of polyvinilchloride macromolecules with rubber by temperature equal 180 °C under influence of low tension force and destruction viscosrty of PVX+SKH+40 composition decrease and processing is improving. It is mean that temperature of the process must be 180 °C. The composition have been prepared in laboratory condition by 100−110 °C temperature during 12 minutes.

Tablel 1. — Composition of compositions, prepared on base of PVC

№ Name of component Mass part 100 qramm of rubber mass,%
Coc eofsamples
k-1 k-2 k-3 k-4 k-5 k-6 k-7 k-8 k-9 k-10 k-11 k-12 k-13 k-14 KS
1 PVC 90 80 80 20 20 20 80 80 80 60 50 40 40 63,5
2 SKN-40 60 60 40 20 20 20 60 20 40 50 20 20 20 20
3 MFFO 10 10 2,5 2,5 2,5 10 10 5 5 2,5
4 Mineral filler 10 10 20 25 10
5 BaCl2 4
6 Dioktyl phtalate 10

For determine ofprocessing rejime of materials receiving on base of PVC composition fluidity indices of received alloy of compositions have been studied on device 3.

Illistration 1. Pеpendence of volume consumpion compositions forming by force of different slip voltage from amount of in composition mixture 1−5,603 • 104 Pa- 2−8,1576 • 104 Pa- 3−10,5336 • 104 Pa- 4−13,7617 • 104 Pa-

On illistration 2 Depence of log j slip rate of PVX + CKH-40 compositions from slip voltage have been given.


Production of compositions on base of polyvinylchloride

Illistration 2. Dependence of slip rate of compositions PVC+CKN-40 log у from slip voltage

1. PVC+CKN-40

2. PVC+CKN-40

3. PVC+CKN-40

4. PVC+CKN-40





5. PVC+CKN-40 100+100 Effective viscosity is calculated by following formula т



Illustration 3. Dependence of effective viscosity of compositions mixture of PVC+CKH-40 by different slip voltage from amont of CKH-40 1−5,603 • 10 4 Pa- 2−8,1576 • 10 4 Pa- 3−10,5336 • 10 4 Pa- 4−13,7617 • 10 4 Pa- 33


Section 6. Technical sciences

As it is evident from illustration 3 an effective viscosity of compositions mixture PVC+CKH-40 passing maximum by CKH-40 amount being 50−60 mass%, begin to grow. It is mean, that maximum crossing of PVC+CKH-40 composition by 180 °C take place by amount of CKH-40 in 50−60 mass%. Subseqent increase of CKH-40 plasticization of PVC+CKH-40 composition (viscosity decrease and approximate to rubber viscosity).

The received results show that for improvement of processing condition of PVC base composition the following factor must be observe: amount 20+40 mass%- pressure (8,1+13,7)Л04 Pa, temperature 1800C, processing duration 10 minutes.

Fusion index of mixture composition PVC+CKH-40 by 180 °C temperature have been studied. Received results are showen on illustration 4.

Illustration 4. Fusion index of mixture PVC+CKH-40 by 180 °C

As result ofthe binar composition PVC and CKH-40 it have been determined that for plasticization ofPVC amont of CKH-40 20+40 mass% is more purposeful by this aim for plasticization for compositions on base of PVC, filled by fillers, amount of CKH-40 must be 20+40 k. h.

By cooling of PVC, plasticizated by butadien-nitril rubber, it acquire a larde strength bound and it'-s brittleness temperature equal (-50 °C) give possibility to use PVC in series fields.

It is known that butadien nitril rubbers more inclined to oxidation process, but in spite of that it help to stabilization of PVC. Hardness and suction of mixtures on base of PVC and CKH-40 haven’t been removed even by antioxidant. For removal of this deficiency on a level with CKH-40 rubber a natural rubbers, are used.

If amount of CKH-40 rubber in mixture is given in more amount by as regards PVC, them it is necessary vulcanization of mixture [11−14].

Bu that it is necessary as an accelerator to use dibenzotiazolilsulphide. In resuelt of vulcanization limit of strength lension rise to from 130 up to 221 kq/sm, and relative extension decrease in appreciable degree (from 430 up to 325%).

According to Bolamin [2] by in creasing ofsopolymer amount in PVC limit of strength rupture is decrease.

It is necessary to notice that plasticization of PVC by CKH-40 im comparison with low molecular natural polymers proceed more better.

Indices of plasticization of PVC composition by different plasticizer is shown below.

100 mass% of PVC CKH-40 Natural polymer
Amount of plasticizery 84 43
Limit of tension rupture: kq/sm 2 175 210
Relative extension,%: in rupture 330 250
bender70 kqs/sm 2 strength 45 40
Strength 80 83


Production of compositions on base of polyvinylchloride

Polyvinylchloride have been plasticizated by use which is used in cable coating. Properties of PVC

of butadien, acrylnitril and new mineral filler. By use film, plasticizated by different plasticizer have been

of received composition the film have been received in prezented in table 2.

Table 2. — Properties of PVC film, plasticizated by different plasticizers

Amount of PVC Amount of plasticizer Limit of strength tension and rupture,% Relative extension by rupture,% Resistance to cold, 0C
CKH-40 YMD in width in length in in length
60 40 40 164 136 380 330 -30
70 30 10 238 239 285 300 -10
80 20 60 289 277 252 287 -5

Some indices of frost resistance, depending from have been given in table 3. plasticizers amount in cabel mass, prepared from PVC

Table 3. — Brittleness temperature of the cabel coat, prepared from PVC by different amount of plasticizers

Plasticizer Brittle tem perature by participation of plasticizer, °C,%
10 20 30 40
Trikrezilfosfat 42 38 16 -5
Natural polymer 30 14 -5 -18
Dioctilphalat 27 8 -8 -22
CKH-40 25 3 -18 -35
Ester of triethyleneglikol and oil acid 18 -5 -28 -48

So, composition on base of PVC by it'-s high quality excel PVC composition, used in industry.


Plasticization of polyvinyl based composition by butadien nitril rubber have been investigated and in composition of the mixture plasticizer, stabilizer and filler have been added.

The morphology of polyvinyichloride based composition have been researched and from received results it is evident that decrease of mixture temperature leads to increase of polymers polarity and it is in one'-s turn prevent a homogenization of mixture. For receiving of the homogen sistem correlation of components in PVC +CKH-40 mixture must be 4:1.


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