Effect of Hormone priming on germination characteristics and enzyme activity of Mountain rye (Secale montanum) seeds under drought stress conditionsРеферат
Effect of osmo-priming on germination and enzyme activity in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) seeds under drought stress conditionsРеферат
Effect of some stresses on free proline content during pigeonpea (Cajanas cajan) seed germinationРеферат
Effect of synthetic auxin like growth regulators on callus regenerative ability of common wheat Vc. ZymoyarkaРеферат
Effects of saline stress on growth and crop yield of different maize (Zea mays) genotypesРеферат
Endosulfan induced changes in growth rate, pigment composition and photosynthetic activity of mosquito fern Azolla microphyllaРеферат
Enhancing efficiency of nitrogen removal from wastewater in constructed wetlandsРеферат
Ethanol induced toxicity and lipid peroxidation in pregnant mice: protective effects of butanolic extract from leaves of Chrysanthemum fontanesii, vitamin e and CРеферат
Evaluation of inter-specific hybrid of P. atlantica and P. vera L. cv. ‘Badami Riz-e-Zarand’ as pistachio rootstock to salinity stress according to some growth indices and eco-physiological and biochemical parametersРеферат
Exogenous application of growth regulators in snap bean under water and salinity stressРеферат
Exploration of the poem "Hiradname-i Iskandari " by Abdurrakhman JamiРеферат
Expression of miRNAs confers enhanced tolerance to drought and salt stress in Finger millet (Eleusine coracona)Реферат
Expression of recombinant L-phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in Escherichia coliРеферат
Fauna of testate amoebae of Western Azerbaijan riversРеферат
Fe (III) редуцирующие бактерии, окисляющие ацетат и водород в донных осадках озер национального парка "Самарская Лука"Реферат
Fine structure of syzygy in Selenidium pennatum (Sporozoa, Archigregarinida)Реферат
Generic signs of legs chaetotaxy in the Diptera of Dolichopodidae familyРеферат
Genetic diversity of Bacillus thuringiensis from different geo-ecological regions of Ukraine by analyzing the 16S rRNA and gyrB genes and by ap-pcr and saAFLPРеферат
Genetic diversity of Russian advanced wheat cultivars revealed with SSR markersРеферат
Glutathione Reductase of Vacuole. Comparison of Glutathione Reductase Activity of Vacuole and Tissue Extract of Red Beet Root (Beta vulgaris L.)Реферат
Glycine betaine and salicylic acid induced modification in productivity of two different cultivars of wheat grown under water stressРеферат
Growth and antioxidant system under drought stress in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) as sustained by salicylic acidРеферат
Growth Behavior of Phytopathogen Clavibacter michiganensis ssp. sepedonicus Treated with Selenium Biocomposites of Mushroom OriginРеферат
Growth, nitrogen uptake and carbon isotope discrimination in barley genotypes grown under saline conditionsРеферат
Habitat preference and feeding ecology of the Bengal monitor (Varanus bengalensis) in natore, BangladeshРеферат
Hammarbya paludosa (L.) Kuntze на территории Тверской области: биология, экология, вопросы охраныРеферат
Haplotype diversity and reconstruction of ancestral haplotype associated with the c. 35delG mutation in the GJB2 (Cx26) gene among the Volgo-Ural populations of RussiaРеферат
Heme oxygenase: enzyme with functional diversityРеферат